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Partner Network

We are dedicated to expanding a nationwide grassroots movement in Haiti through community-led initiatives because we believe that Haiti needs to build Haiti toward the direction of her dreams. We rely on local, regional and international organizations, who align with our mission, to identify best practices and campaigns to ensure that even the most remote communities of Haiti are involved.

Our partners share the belief that financial contributions made for Haiti should stay within Haiti to circulate among Haitian workers instead of going into the pockets of contracted outside workers. We further embrace the shared belief that our collective hands-up efforts in Haiti should culminate in Haiti becoming self-reliant and independent, and then stepping away as Haitian communities become self-sustaining. 

Our partners represent Haitian diaspora groups, farming and scientific communities, businesses, educational institutions, policymakers, NGOs and others who rally around the common goal of supporting multiple initiatives across Haiti. 


:: Fondasyon Chanje Lavi (Haiti)

:: Grown in Haiti (Haiti)

:: Vopadeh Organization (Haiti)

..... more coming





:: BERRI (Washington, USA)

:: Farms of Eden (Belgium)

:: Restore Haiti (Tennessee, USA)

:: Water Pure Technologies (Utah, USA)

... more coming