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Partner Network

To Build A Village (in Haiti) is committed to fostering a grassroots movement across the nation, driven by community-led initiatives. We firmly believe in empowering Haiti to pursue its aspirations. Leveraging partnerships with local, regional, and international organizations that share our mission, we strive to implement best practices and campaigns, ensuring the involvement of even the most remote communities in Haiti.

Our partners and we share the belief that financial contributions intended for Haiti should directly benefit Haitian workers rather than being allocated to contracted outside workers. Additionally, we collectively support the idea that our collaborative efforts in Haiti should ultimately result in the country achieving self-reliance and independence. As Haitian communities become self-sustaining, we aim to gradually transition our involvement, allowing them to thrive independently.

Our partners encompass local churches, farming and scientific communities, Haitian diaspora groups, businesses, educational institutions, policymakers, NGOs, and various others who unite in the pursuit of this common goal.


:: Fondasyon Chanje Lavi (Dèlma, Ayiti)

:: Gerald Bataille Ministry (Pòtoprens, Ayiti)

:: Grown in Haiti (Jakmèl, Ayiti)

:: Vopadeh Organization (Karfou, Ayiti)

..... more coming






:: BERRI (Washington, USA)

:: Deep Dirt Farm & Institute (Arizona, USA)

:: Paulownia Landscape Architects (Belgium)

:: Regenesis (New Mexico, USA)

:: Restore Haiti (Tennessee, USA)

:: Water Pure Technologies (Utah, USA)

... more coming