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Original What We Do

Key Projects

Alliance Building

The urgency of the crisis before us demands that we do more than just build or support a patchwork of individual, disconnected regenerative agriculture or land-restoration projects in Haiti. No matter how promising each project is, it will struggle to succeed without sufficient infrastructure support.

To Build A Village (in Haiti) inspires and supports the organization of regional and national Haitian Alliances committed to building regenerative agriculture systems that are focused on building the infrastructure of Haiti - including markets, brands, transportation, processing and policies - required to connect and support the many promising projects that will ultimately form a regenerative food, farming and land-use network across Haiti. 

The Village Hub

The Village Hub (VHub) is an interactive online platform that connects project holders, individuals, funders and communities focused on supporting Haitian-led regenerative agriculture and land-use projects. | CLICK to learn more 

The Regreening Haiti Initiative

(more coming soon)