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To Build A Village (in Haiti) is a collaboration of highly-skilled team members, all pioneers in the green building industry and regenerative land development fields. We design, implement, teach, and oversee sustainable developments in a variety of environments, including wet and dry tropical climates, from Indonesia and Africa to the Peruvian Amazon, Mexico, and the Middle East. Each member is a committed and skilled educator in his or her field. We believe in the adage, “Give a person a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a person to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”  

For this reason, a central element of our methodology is a process of building these skills into the Haitian communities we work with and enabling them to become agents of their own stability. 

Our team develops programs that provide Haitian communities with an understanding of how to live regeneratively as a community and be independent, yet connected regeneratively to the rest of the region. We allow for future innovation and growth, but keep a balance between man and nature. We further address everyday issues that allow Haitian communities to build their lives from the ground up.

Because only two percent of Haiti’s forest remains, her tree canopy and forest floor must be restored. Without this systemic approach, the environmental cycles of destruction that have plagued Haiti for so long will continue.

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