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Haiti Now

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. More than half of its population lives under the poverty line, and many people rely on subsistence farming to feed their families. The country is heavily dependent on external revenue.

In recent years, natural disasters, disease, political instability, mismanagement of humanitarian relief, and a depreciation of Haiti’s currency, has strained her economy. Tourism, once a vibrant sector, has also declined. Further upheaval, including a protest movement, the assassination of their president, back-to-back natural disasters, and rampant gang violence, has placed further stress on Haiti's economic situation.  

To make it worse, humanitarian organizations have brought in their own people to carry out projects after disasters, thus denying Haitian workers and their communities of the economic benefit. Organizations, like NGOs and private contractors, have received the money from secured contracts, instead of letting that money stay and circulate in Haitian communities. As a result, communities today are still dependent on outside help.  |  CLICK to read more