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A Better Tomorrow International Charity (ABT) - created by Emmanuel (Manny) Exilhomme - a multi-service center in the State of Massachusetts to help Haitian immigrants with quality-of-life matters.

ABT is dedicated to establishing, supporting, and sustaining families who are interested in changing the way they live. ABT works in Haiti to provide free medical care and counseling to those affected by political turmoil. 

Architectural Hotwire Foam and Stoneworks (AHFS) was an independently owned and multi-faceted commercial building and healthy solutions firm that utilized innovative green technology to design and construct durable products ranging from housing to watercraft. Although AHFS no longer operates, it's owner, Beverly Beach brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the managing team of To Build a Village. 

Over the years, she has installed and used diverse innovative techniques and finishes for commercial design projects. Some of her projects included multiple Sonic drive-in restaurants, Abbey's Pizza, and Library Place. She completed her remodels and specialty interior and exterior installations and finishes in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. 

My Healthy and Clean Solutions was another business operated by Beverly Beach before launching To Build a Village. Her green cleaning solution for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, provided "Around the Clock” protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even cholera. 

Beverly also worked with Berri Garbage/Trash/Sewage to provide effective solutions for garbage, trash, and sewage removal and to reduce the waste into compost that would provide rich nutrients to the soil.

Biohabitats inspires ecological stewardship and restorative development. They embrace a bold mission to conserve biodiversity, restore ecological processes, and to regenerate the human spirit.

Biohabitat has consulted on projects worldwide since 1982 and has built a strong interdisciplinary team of natural resource planners, conservation biologists, landscape ecologists, restoration ecologists, forest ecologists, landscape architects, civil engineers, water resource planners, and GIS analysts. 

Brad Lancaster is the award-winning author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1: Guiding Principles to Welcome Rain into Your Live and Landscape ... and ... Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2: Water-Harvesting Earthworks.

Brad has run a successful permaculture consulting, design,
and education business since 1993. 

Dancing Rocks Permaculture - Barbara Rose, a principal instructor for Sonoran Permaculture, is a consultant and designer for reduced energy and water use, and human waste composting systems.

Barbara is co-manager of Bean Tree Farm and Lodge, an educational center for sustainability-related workshops and tours. She is also an expert in natural building and passive solar design including earth plastering, adobe, rammed earth, cob, and straw buildings. 

Barbara is a consultant to local governments and developers who are planning healthy communities. 

Developmental Economies Group International (DEGI) - DEGI understands that communities work not from the outside in but from the inside out. They start by discovering who a community is.

DEGI attracts and retains business, buyers, and well-matched talent. The firm works to build a tax base of businesses for local buyers. These buyers are then attached to the products and services that enrich their lives and can't imagine locating anywhere else.

This extraordinary process shows what the community has to offer and together they remain in the community, further contributing to its economic vitality.

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Integrative Design Collaborative - Partners in Whole System Design: A consortium whose advanced practitioners serve as coaches, resources and program managers, IDC helps project teams achieve increasingly higher levels of environmentally responsible design.

Their work centers on creating the framework for and managing
an integrative, whole-system design process, evolving building and community planning.

"Wherever we work, we strive to promote a deeper understanding of the benefits of people acting in accord with natural systems. Ultimately,
our goal is to improve the overall quality of the physical, social and spiritual life of living places and, therefore, the planet’s.

Kate Tirion, CPD, is a permaculture consultant, designer, and educator with extensive international teaching and implementation experience. A specialist in the development of organic and perennial agricultural systems, rainwater harvesting, and soil development and land restoration. She is one of the founding members of To Build a Village. 

Kate is an instructor for the University of California’s Ecological Horticulture Program at the Center for AgroEcology and Sustainable Food systems, a former designer for a 750 hectares / 270 house regenerative development project, and a former on-site designer for a village development project on in Mexico’s hurricane landscape (1,040 hectares). She works as a director/implementator/educator/manager of Deep Dirt Institute, supervising 30+ Mexican Nationals.

Her projects include rainwater harvesting, soil development, perennial agricultural systems, reforestation, erosion control, plant nurseries for natives, and edible species. She speaks French, Spanish, and Welsh. 

Living Education - whether working with a school, school district, university or other local institution, Living Education helps communities “walk their talk,” by teaching, and using, methodologies derived from sustainable and living systems.

In sharing these processes, Living Education inspires, and enables, students, educators and families to create a world that is in harmony with the land and their community’s dreams.

Through strategic planning, organizational development, curriculum and program development, workshops and community engagement, Living Education helps institutions become the change they
want to see in the world.  

Natural Systems International (NSI) - ecological solutions for water use.

NSI has played a role in more than 500 ecological engineering projects providing holistic solutions for water use, master planning, wastewater treatment and reuse, storm water management, potable and non-potable water supply and watershed restoration.

Although a relatively small firm, NSI’s depth and range of experience exceed that of many larger national companies, earning the firm a reputation for innovation and excellence with state and local regulatory
agencies nationwide.

Since their founding in 1989, NSI has undertaken projects in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Bahamas, Fiji, India, China, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Australia.

Regenesis Group, Inc. - Tim Murphy and Ben Haggard, Principals. A coalition of experienced design, land-use planning, business and development professionals.

Regenesis brings years of experience in permaculture design
and education, integrative design and green building, organization development, and process design and management. Their interdisciplinary teams are “expert generalists” – all committed to success in regenerative planning, land-use and development. 

Sonoran Permaculture Guild - A nonprofit guild of skilled designers, implementers, consultants, and educators solving site-specific problems internationally and locally. They work with communities to thrive in locally appropriate ways with an emphasis on rainwater harvesting, low tech solutions, solar and micro-enterprise. 

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Southwest Solar Inc. - Bill Cunningham, Principal. A solar engineering firm founded by a former research project engineer for the University of Arizona. Skilled in procedures for incorporating solar into an integrated and passive solar design. 

Bill is an expert in the fields of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics. He is also a presenter on solar energy for the Arizona Solar Energy Association (ASEA), Prescott College, and Pima College. Bill is also a consultant to the US National Parks department. 

Tenta - was an Canadian organization created by Maurice Monette, who sadly passed away in 2021. He played an important role in To Build A Village at the very beginning. 

Maurice had designed a system for housing that could be put together in one location, then taken apart and moved to another location when needed. It provided an alternative to tents, interim housing, and finished housing.

Maurice has worked all over the world in both commercial and industrial settings. We miss him!

Click here .... to read about his housing projects.