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Our To Build A Village (TBV) Partner Network is a community of organizations and businesses that promote regenerative agriculture and land use practices in Haiti. The TBV Network Partners work in a variety of fields. Collectively, they are leading Haiti's transition toward a regenerative agriculture model.


Who Can Become a TBV Partner?

Any established group whose mission aligns with TBV's mission can apply to become a partner. Partners include NGOs, foundations, educational institutions, businesses, coalitions, and informal groups. We especially seek partnerships with those in the Haitian diaspora.


Apply to Become a TBV Partner

Fill out ..... THIS ONLINE PARTNER APPLICATION FORM .... Partnership applications are subject to approval by our Steering Committee. Please let us know if you have any questions:

:: Phone:  +1 385 424 0232 

:: WhatsApp (text only):  +1 208 339 3605

:: Email: