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We envision a healthy ecosystem across Haiti that spontaneously produces clean water springs, abundant water sources, increased crop yields, and fertile soils so that prosperity and peace can be among the beautiful people of Haiti.

We envision food forests, water forests, legacy forests, community forests, and gathering centers, so that rural communities can connect, be revitalized, and become self-sustaining once again.

As such, we exist to support Haitian farmers and rural communities in moving toward regenerative food, farming, and land management practices so that Haiti can restore her shrinking water table beneath the ground's surface. Let us share how their efforts will restore water:


Why This Matters

Global warming will continue to bring droughts, hurricanes and other extreme weather events to Haiti. It will create more food insecurity and force greater numbers of people to abandon land and homes. It will continue to lead to dwindling natural, human, and financial resources, which in turn will lead to more poverty.

We believe that in helping Haitian to transition to a regenerative food and agriculture system, Haiti will be given power to:

  • End hunger
  • Restore health and well-being
  • Increase the water-holding capacities of her soils
  • Increase crop yields and diversity of crops
  • Restore access to abundant fresh, clean water sources
  • Revitalize local economies
  • Restore rural livelihoods and independence
  • Regenerate ecological health, including soil fertility and biodiversity
  • Promote social justice and fair trade
  • Reverse global warming
Why Create Sustainable Communities

To allow money to circulate within communities resulting in resilient communities, strong regions, and an independent nation.

  • They enable local markets to meet local needs
  • They build and support the region
  • They participate in important decision-making processes
  • They promote innovation
  • They increase economic opportunities
  • They build political stability
  • They allow money to circulate within the community
  • They generate other forms of resiliency
  • They become a teacher and example to the world
  • They strengthen social relationships
  • They create numerous family-owned industries
  • They promote dignity and self-esteem



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