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Communities matter. A community is a group of people living in the same area who share common characteristics, interests, activities, or purposes. Nations are a patchwork of communities and local communities are the building block of government. The stronger the local communities, the stronger their influence in government.

When the news of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake started to unfold, I found myself drawn to the live reports and humanitarian efforts being rolled out. As a mother, I knew that families were going to need more than having their immediate needs met. They would need future economic opportunities and safe living conditions.

I started considering my experience in construction. I knew the process for building a house. There is planning to determine size, design, and the needs of the family moving in. There are land reviews for yard and side structures. There are even specifications for how the plan will fit into neighborhood, community, and regional development plans.

Then, a colleague of mine attended a meeting and sat by Kate Tirion, a permaculture expert and said, “you need to meet her” ... and the rest is history. Kate’s experience in the regenerative land development field complimented my skills. To Build A Village was born.

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