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16 Powerful Children's Books About Haiti 

Are you an educator, adoptive parent, or homeschool mama looking for some of the best children's books about Haiti?! We highly recommend this list of 16 wonderful children's books about Haiti. Each title is hyperlinked to Amazon:

   1)  Auntie Lucie's Talking Paintings - by  Francie Latour

   2)  I Want to Ride the Tap Tap - by Danielle Joseph

   3)  Eight Days: A Story of Haiti - by Edwidge Danticat

   4)  Freedom Soup - by Tami Charles

   5)  Sheroes of the Haitian Revolution - by Bayyinah Bello

   6)  Running the Road to ABC - by Denize Lauture 

   7)  Mama's Nightingale: A Story of Immigration - by Edwidge Danticat

   8)  Haiti: The First Black Republic - by Frantz Derenoncourt Jr. 

   9)  Hope for Haiti - by Jesse Joshua Watson 

 10)  Am I Small? Eske Mwen Piti? - by Philipp Winterberg

 11)  Toussaint L'ouverture: The Fight for Haiti's Freedom - by Walter Myers 

 12)  My Day With The Panye - by Tami Charles

 13)  Mmmmm! Soup Joumou! - by Carline Smothers

 14)  Haiti Is - by Cindy Similien-Johnson 

 15)  Haitian Flag Day Fleurina's Way - by Jinica Dauphin

 16)  Fanmi Mwen: My Family - by Carline Smothers