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(Jan 31, 2023) - The shipment container continued to sit in Haiti's ports through end January. There was a delay with customs officials in assessing customs fees because gang activity was delaying processes.  
(Feb 12, 2023) - We finally received the final invoicing for all brokers fees, walk-through fees, additional-day-in-port fees, customs fees, and transportation-to-new-clinic fees.  |  CLICK to read more  
(Feb 15, 2023) - We excitedly unloaded the original shipment container into a second container to be trucked to the new clinic location. Upon examination of the equipment, a local doctor valued the equipment at well over $100,000 USD. This value did not include the new water filters, leg braces, hygiene kits, clothing, and supplies sent from Idaho.  |  CLICK to read more
(Mar 10, 2023) - To Build A Village Inc. was granted 501{c)3 status through the Internal Revenue Service making all donations tax deductible. We also enrolled with the PayPal Giving Fund (including Venmo) to receive discounted fees as a nonprofit organization. This means that donations have lower fees on our end and are tax-deductible on your end.  |  CLICK to see certificate
(Mar 11, 2023) - With various behind-the-scene-things in place, we started rolling out photos and documentation of the entire project in social media. 
The final cost of this project was $18,963.50, excluding all long distance phone call costs, website and domain costs, nonprofit and licensing costs, and time costs. All receipts and invoicing can be found HERE.  |  CLICK to read more
As of this date, the total funds raised through 25 donations totaled $4,931. It left a balance of $14,033 to fundraise.
(Apr 3, 2023) - We received a couple more wonderful donations. Our fundraising balance dropped to $13,989.77. We also created profiles on two more social media platforms: LinkedIn for Nonprofits and TikTok for Good.
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