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The summer of 2022 was a summer of miracles!
(Mar 2022) - We decided to launch a GoFundMe page for donations. This was before we created our website. We raised $495!
(Jul 2022) - We then received a generous $4,000 donation from Dr. Stephen Hansen (in Idaho), who had many connections in Haiti and frequently provided medical supplies to Haitian areas in need. Included in his donation was a trailer load of supplies to accompany our other load. In August, Dr. Hansen's son drove an 8x12 trailer loaded with clothing, medical equipment, leg braces, water filters and more to Oklahoma. 
| CLICK to learn more about Dr. Stephen Hansen and his work in Haiti
(Aug 2022) - Pam Cronk, a special friend we met in Germany years ago, lived an hour from Okmulgee, Oklahoma. She provided me with contact information for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in her area. We learned that the Sapulpa Ward in the Tulsa Oklahoma Stake was looking for a 9/11 anniversary service project and their leader, Bishop Nick Heinig, "just happened" to have experience in packing. He said that they had all the needed supplies and equipment to help us with this project and would take care of everything. Their group provided the manpower that packed and loaded the 53’ box truck that went to Florida on September 24!
I remember being amazed at how the Lord had orchestrated the coming together of these different individuals. The receiving communities did not have access to medical care and were eagerly and excitedly awaiting this shipment.
Also during the summer, another miracle was made known. A ministry in Oklahoma had raised and set aside $1,500 for a special need. When they heard of our project, they used this money to purchase additional items to fill the container -- things such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, etc. Other groups gathered clothes, shoes, toys, etc. for the orphanage in need near where the medical equipment was going. We wanted to fill all the empty spots in the shipping container.
Soo many miracles of the summer of 2022!
| CLICK to watch contents being loaded into shipping container
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