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The cost for unloading the truck in Florida and reloading it into a shipping container (plus the costs of shipping from Florida to Port-au-Prince) came to $5,940. It was due upon arrival into Haiti. We were not charged storage from Sep-Dec while we waited for Haiti’s shipping lanes to open.
The container sat in Port-au-Prince for six weeks, until February 12, 2023, when we received the final invoicing for broker fees, walk-through fees, additional-day-in-port fees, customs fees, and transportation-to-the-new clinic fees. These fees totaled $8,610. (Often, donations of medical equipment and supplies acquired stateside, are not used as intended due to lack of funds at shipping time. Contents have to be randomly dispersed at ports.)
However, in our situation:
1) We had come too far to see everything unravel at Haiti's doorstep; we knew of the enormous time, money, and efforts that had brought the project into Florida and then into Haiti.
2) Without payment, we knew that customs officials would disperse the contents of the container at will.
3) We personally knew of the great need the receiving community (and surrounding communities) had without access to medical care and we believed our next move was the right thing to do.
Remember the question we posed at the beginning: What would you have done?!
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