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Matthieu Mehuys

Matthieu Mehuys is an award-winning author and passionate landscape architect whose journey from a family farm in Belgium to regenerative farming practices has led him to believe that landscape architects can indeed change the world.

His fascination with plants since childhood drove him to become a landscape architect, a role he sees as instrumental in crafting environments that marry aesthetics with positive environmental impact.

Through his work, he aims to empower individuals to transform their gardens into spaces that foster biodiversity, restore ecosystems, and reverse climate change. Here is his story:

"I grew up on a family farm, and from age 3, I was fascinated by plants and creating things. Imagine being amazed by a tiny seed turning into a full-grown plant—that's how it all started.

"After getting my Master of Engineering degree in Landscape Architecture. I was very proud to start my first job. A couple months in this job, I got bored to death and became depressed as I had to fit in a system that wasn't mine. I felt like I wasn't making a difference in the world which frustrated me.

"I then decided to quit my 9-5 job and go on an epic quest around the world to see and work on some of the most amazing gardens and Eco-projects in the world.

"I then went on to start my own landscape architecture and consulting business with a focus on bio-diverse and ecological gardens. I now have clients all over the world.

"I also help farmers and landowners to get the most potential out of their land."