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Some of our 2022 highlights:

1 |  In February, we were asked to help transport medical equipment from a deceased donor in Oklahoma to Florida and onto Haiti.

2 |  We opened a GoFundMe page for donations.

3 |  In August, Dr Hansen delivered an 8' x 12' trailer of medical supplies from Idaho to Oklahoma.

4 |  In August, a church group provided $1,500 worth of stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and more for the clinic. Additional groups provided clothing, shoes, toys, and more for a nearby orphanage.

5 |  In September, an LDS ward in Oklahoma provided the manpower, packing materials, and equipment to prepare the medical equipment for safe shipping in the shipping container. A mutual friend drove the loaded 53' truck to Florida.

6 |  Because shipping lanes in Haiti were closed late summer to gang violence, our equipment and supplies went into storage.

7 |  In December, when the shipping lanes opened, all items were removed from storage and loaded into a 40 foot shipping container.

8 |  In December, we launched a new website as our main fundraising portal. We also launched a fundraising portal on Etsy through a new Portraits of Haiti project ( 

9 |  In late December, the shipment arrived in the ports in Haiti.